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Spirits Cove and the Five Points community seem to be affected by a strange illness. They are dealing with an infectious disease that affects only men and turns them to stone.


Vicky, Ethan, and Joe must find who or what is causing the infection and stop it, while Vicky is affected by a deadly curse.


Meanwhile, Vicky gets closer to Ethan, only to get disappointed with him. Demi has been hiding a secret. And there’s a conspiracy brewing.


Will Vicky and her friends find what is causing the illness and stop it?

Will Ethan and Vicky get over their romantic problems?

Will Vicky and Ethan unveil the conspiracy unraveling around them?

Will Ethan take over the council and will the others step up to the job?

Vicky, Hanna, Ethan, and Demi go to a Renaissance fair in Spirits Cove. What seems to be a normal fair quickly turns into a strange situation in which all the participants believe they are, in fact, in the Middle Ages.


While Hanna believes she is the queen’s lady-in-waiting, Demi, Vicky, and Ethan must find out who is behind this spell with the help of a very special child.


Vicky and her friends must face their ghosts, fears, and personal demons to survive and fight the high priestess, or they will be lost forever in 1396.


Will Vicky, Ethan, Demi, and Kyra defeat the high priestess and save everyone at the fair?

Will they survive the dark forest filled with monsters and dangerous creatures?

Will Vicky, Ethan, and Demi make peace with the past?


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