A Victoria Cross Mystery

Victoria Cross moved to Spirits Cove to take over her grandfather’s antique bookshop, much to her mother’s displeasure.

The mystery-loving Vicky quickly sees herself involved in solving the murders of farmers she barely knows. Those deaths seem accidental or related to rabies-infected wolf attacks at first, but that is not the case. In the midst of this, she quickly becomes friends with the town’s police chief, her grandfather’s best friend, triggering gossip.

Vicky is unaware of her heritage and her relevance to that town. She has no idea of either that town’s history or of its surrounding towns. Vicky will have to find out what she is dealing with and who she really is.

Discover it with Vicky and dive into this adventure-packed cozy mystery, full of sweet treats and sarcasm.

Once again, the police chief comes to Vicky with a problem. The same man dies every seven years.

Dealing with the impossibility, Vicky and the chief quickly discover that they are dealing with a creature who jumps from host to host when the last one is exhausted. This dangerous and complex case may cost the chief his life.

In the meantime, Vicky discovers more about herself and her grandfather’s legacy while getting to know the new mysterious man in town.

Vicky’s success as a bookshop owner contrasts with her mother’s strange obsession with Vicky leaving that place,  with good reasons.

Vicky finds out she is dealing with not only an antique bookshop but also a hidden passage to another kind of life. A life that she will have to adapt to and learn to navigate. Fortunately, Vicky has friends to trust with her secrets.

Find out more about Vicky’s mysterious legacy and her sweet-packed adventures with her trusted friends.

Vicky continues to find out more about her ancestry and who she is. Many of the family secrets are hidden in her own basement.

After finally being taken to see the Council, Vicky has to decide if she will continue facing danger and possible death, or if she will step aside.

At the same time, Vicky continues to get closer to Ethan. Yet, she can’t trust everyone, not even her own family.

While Vicky is self-absorbed with decisions and family secrets, the police chief deals with the disappearance of two young women.

The suspect is a creature with a limited fertile span and desperate to get his next victim. One close to Vicky has already been chosen.

Vicky must get involved with the investigation, for she is the only one who can save the people she loves the most. Nothing will be the same afterward.

Unravel the mystery with Vicky, and laugh at the silly jokes, while eating a pie slice at Hanna’s.

Vicky is in the worst situation she has ever been in. The council is being eliminated by a force no one knows about. Even Vicky’s life is in danger.

At the same time, another group is emerging, perhaps even more dangerous than any defector organization. People are being persecuted and arrested by an unknown militia. No one is safe, and certainly not Vicky or Ethan.

In the meantime, Vicky is trying to recover her friendship with Hanna, while Hanna is still angry at her best friend.

Will Vicky regain her friend’s trust and friendship?
Will the council survive its darkest moment in history?
Will Vicky, Joe, and Ethan discover who is killing the councilors and who is arresting defectors?
Will Vicky escape the attacks to her life?

Vicky, Veronica, and Joe are still looking for Ethan and the missing defectors. While Vicky refuses to give up on the search, they have no clues of where he and the others might be.

At the same time, Hanna will deal with a revelation about herself and her family. Layla, Hanna’s sister, will be in danger and endangering the whole town, the Five Points community, and perhaps even the entire country, if she isn’t stopped.

Will Vicky and her friends find Ethan alive?

Will they be able to stop Layla and save the entire town?

Will the nightmare end with the extinction of the new council? Will they find out the real villain and stop him?

Will Vicky survive another threat to her life?

Embark on this adventure with Vicky, Hanna, Veronica, and Joe.