Threshold of Gods Series

Book 1 of the Threshold of Gods Series

Professor Steinbrook is undermined and humiliated by his colleagues and ignored by his students. 

He and his assistant, Ellie, come across an archeological artifact with ancient engravings on it. The symbols are from several ancient civilizations from all around the world and from different eras. 

Upon performing a ritual from a mysterious book, the Book of the Dead, they discover it’s not merely an archeological object, but a portal to other worlds. 

Steinbrook and Ellie quickly realize they are not freeing souls attached to objects but dealing with gods. They are, however, not aware of its dangers, the plan, and who is behind it. 

Steinbrook’s and Ellie’s lives will never be the same.

Book 2 of the Threshold of Gods Series

Steinbrook and Ellie persist on their path to stop Michaels’s plans of becoming immortal 

After hiding for months, Steinbrook and Ellie need to face Michaels and his associates 

On the run from Michaels and the policeSteinbrook, Ellie, and Pete forge a plan to destroy both the Book of the Dead and the portal. 

Their plot does not go according to plan, and Steinbrook and Ellie find themselves in life-threatening and despairing situation.  

They must stop Michaels from finding the book that will make him finally immortal: the Book of Life. 

The heroes must face their fears and save the world from Michaels, even if they have to pay with their lives. 



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